Construction and Factory Safety Equipments

Construction, Metal working, carpentry, repair work and maintenance are effort-intensive tasks that also demand a high level of personal safety to be observed. We, at Metro Tubing provide a range of Safety Equipment like gloves, boots, belts, goggles and a lot more from reputed brands like Anchor, Diamond, Arrow, Prima and many others. You can buy Safety Equipment from us, in all standard sizes and types.

Safety Helmet

A Helmet is a mandatory component of personal safety when it comes to construction, industrial, and mining environment. Buy Helmets in all standard sizes from us. We provide high-quality Helmets for protecting your head from brands like Prima and Honda.

Octopus Harness

An Octopus Harness is perfect for securing luggage or other products on your vehicle during trips. It has elastic tentacles with hooks that can be fastened onto strong supports. You can buy Octopus Harnesses from us in all standard sizes.

Barricade Tape

A Barricade Tape is used to cordon off an area for safety or other reasons, and mark it as inaccessible. Now, you can buy Barricade Tapes from us in a variety of standard sizes.

Asbestos Yarn

Asbestos Yarn is frequently used as an insulator within pipes or even for packaging of delicate and fragile products. You can buy Asbestos Yarn from us, in all standard sizes and lengths.


You can prevent doors from slamming against walls, or even protect the undersides of furniture using these Buffers. You can buy Buffers from us in all standard sizes and types.


A Jute Twine or Sutali is extensively used in the packaging industry for tying of packages and parcels. Now, you can buy Sutali from us in all standard sizes and lengths.

Cotton Gloves

When working with sharp or hot objects, Cotton Gloves are great to protect your hands from burns or cuts. Buy Cotton Gloves from us, and choose from a range of standard sizes and types.

Rubber Fingers

Rubber Fingers are great for protecting your fingers. They are frequently used by people who essay page-turning jobs. Metro Tubing provides high-quality Rubber Fingers from brands like Anchor and Diamond. You can buy Rubber Fingers in all standard sizes from us.

Rubber Hand Gloves

Protect your hands when you engage in tasks like cutting, drilling, welding and others. We provide a variety of Rubber Hand Gloves from brands like Diamond and many others. You can buy Rubber Hand Gloves from us, and choose from standard sizes to suit your need.

Imported Hand Gloves

When it comes to personal safety during industrial processes, nothing beats these pairs of Imported Hand Gloves. You can buy Imported Hand Gloves from us. We provide Imported Hand Gloves in all standard sizes, from brands like Sensuous, Arrow, Tesco, and many others.

Leather Gloves

Protecting your hands when doing heavy-duty industrial or commercial work is important. To achieve this, you can buy Leather Gloves from us. We provide all standard sizes of Leather Gloves from reputed brands like S.K and others.

Knitted Gloves

Knitted Gloves don't just provide enhanced protection for your hands in adverse climatic conditions, but also effectively shield them from cuts and bruises. You can buy Knitted Gloves from us and choose from a variety of standard sizes.

Rubber Coated Gloves

Rubber Coated Gloves made from Nitriline are great for general purpose use as safety gloves or even when riding motorbikes. You can buy Rubber Coated Gloves from us. We provide all standard sizes of Rubber Coated Gloves.

Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles are used for protecting the eyes during welding or grinding operations. You can buy Safety Goggles and choose from brands like Zoom, Safe Line, Sunny and many others available with us. We provide Safety Goggles in all standard sizes and types.


Protect your lungs from airborne pollutants, fine particles, dust, and even bacteria with these Masks. We, at Metro Tubing, stock Masks in all standard sizes and types. Buy Masks from us today, and ensure your safety!

Nylon Rope

Nylon ropes are ideally suited for packaging due to their strength, while also being suitable for use as clotheslines. Buy Nylon Ropes today, in a variety of standard sizes, lengths, and colours.

PP Rope

PP Rope or Polypropylene Rope is a stronger and more durable alternative as compared to Cotton and Nylon ropes. It can be used in a variety of applications and industries. Buy PP Rope in all standard sizes from brands like Kohinoor.

Rubber Bush

Generally used as a safety shoe for wood or steel furniture to prevent damage to flooring; Rubber Bushes are widely used. Available in all standard sizes and shapes, you can buy Rubber Bushes from us.

Nylon Gattu

A Nylon Gattu or Mallet is affixed to doors or windows to prevent them from slamming into walls. You can buy Nylon Gattus from us, available from reputed brands like Datta. We provide these mallets in all standard sizes.

Safety Belt

A Safety Belt is basically a harness that is perfectly suited to safely suspend workers working on elevated structures at great heights. We understand the importance of safety, and so provide high-quality safety belts from brands like Prima, Yamato and others. You can buy Safety Belts from Metro Tubing.

Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes are mandatory in industrial environments to protect your feet from cuts, bruises, or extreme temperatures. You can buy Safety Shoes from our store. We stock all standard sizes of Safety Shoes from brands like Metro 555, Activa, and many others.


Made from thick rubber, Gumboots effectively protect your feet from wet or other adverse environmental conditions and are great for industrial environments. You can buy Gumboots from our store. We stock all standard sizes and types of Gumboots.

Vacuum Washer

Vacuum Washers are used for affixing glass tops or other heavy tops to base structures without using glue. We provide a wide range of Vacuum Washers. You can buy Vacuum Washers in all standard sizes.


A Tarpaulin or Tadpatri as it is locally called is used to erect temporary structures as protection from rain or the sun. These plastic sheets are sturdy and can be folded into small bundles when not in use. Buy Tarpaulins from us in a variety of standard sizes, types, and colours.