Abrasive tools are a must for grinding, sanding and cutting activities when working with metals and other materials. We, at Metro Tubing, maintain a full inventory of all abrasive products and tools like sander discs, wheels, sand paper, and more in all standard sizes. Products from reputed brands like Super Ultra Touch, Norton, Hitachi, Eversharp, John Okay, and many more are readily available with us.


Adhesives play a major role in helping two surfaces bond together, and are one of the basic materials necessary for building and furniture work, as well as for repair and maintenance. We, at Metro Tubing, maintain a vast inventory of reputed adhesives like Fevicol, M-Seal, Araldite, Dr.Fixit and a variety of tapes, in all standard sizes and shapes.

Hand Tools

From carpenter to plumbers, from electricians to repairmen; all craftsmen find Hand Tools to be an indispensable part of their arsenal. You can a wide variety of Hand Tools, such as hammers, screw drivers, wrenches, spanners, brushes, pliers, saws, tile cutters and more, available with the Metro Tubing Company. You can opt to buy Hand Tools online from reputed brands like Stedler, Venus, Eagle, Metro, Wiking, Wilson and many more, available readily with us.

Pipe & Fittings

Plumbing is an important construction activity, while also being required for maintenance to ensure durability of structures and making them habitable. You can buy Pipes & Fittings online from us. We, at Metro Tubing, provide a range of Pipes & Fittings like cocks, filters, valves, pipes, nozzles and much more. You can choose from brands like Samrat, Oswin, Gajanand, Minita, Laxmi and many others.

Power Tools & Accessories

Power Tools & Accessories form an important part of a craftsman’s or repairman’s kit. These power tools are motorised, allowing precision, accuracy, and high-quality results. You can buy power tools & accessories online from us, the Metro Tubing Company. You can find tools like drills and blowers, and accessories like drill bits, cutter blades and more from brands like Hi Speed, Power Planet, KPT, Black & Decker and more.

Safety Equipment

Metal working, carpentry, repair work and maintenance are effort-intensive tasks that also demand a high level of personal safety to be observed. We, at Metro Tubing, understand this and provide a range of Safety Equipment like gloves, boots, belts, goggles and a lot more from reputed brands like Anchor, Diamond, Arrow, Prima and many others. You can buy Safety Equipment online from us, in all standard sizes and types.

Screws & Fasteners

Whether it is woodworking, carpentry, metal jobs, or even plumbing; Screws & Fasteners are the elementary tools and accessories that hold structures together. We, at Metro Tubing, maintain a vast inventory of Screws & Fasteners like wood screws, fan clamps, mirror screws, plugs and others; in all standard sizes and types. You can buy Screws & Fasteners online from us, and choose from brands like Kranti, Star, Premium, Pentagon, Gauge and many others.

Welding Tools

Welding is a fabrication process that allows you to create strong permanent joints between different metal surfaces. At Metro Tubing, we stock a wide array of welding tools necessary for the job. You can choose from welding rods, welding glass, angle brackets, regulators, gas lighters, welding glass and a lot more, and buy these Welding Tools online. We provide all standard sizes and types of Welding tools from reputed brands like Athermal, Sunny, Super-60, Zoom, Super Spark, Milan, Yamato and many others.