Metro Tubing is one of the leading dealers & wholesalers of adhesive products in Pune. We maintain a vast inventory adhesives products like Fevicol, M-Seal, Araldite, Dr.Fixit, Fevibond, Falco Fix, Fevikwik , Araldite, Adhesive tapes and many more.

Abro Tape

Metro tubing is authorized dealer and wholesaler in Pune for Abro tapes. This is One of the best masking tapes available in the market today, the Abro Tape uses a cured adhesive system that does not leave behind any adhesive residue on your priceless painted surface.


Araldite adhesives are popular for their strong and high-quality bonding prowess that works in a variety of application areas. We offer a range of Araldite products in all standard types and sizes, for industrial, commercial as well as home use.


One of the best sealants available today, Araseal is a dual component epoxy compound that is resistant to the effect of chemicals. We provide Araseal in all its variants and in a host of standard sizes. Araseal is very effective for metallic, non-metallic, cable sealing, sanitary sealing and other applications.


Bull-Bond adhesives are renowned for their bonding strength and work with a variety of materials like mortar, concrete, plaster, stucco, wood, plastic and many more. The entire range of Bull-Bond adhesives is available with us. You can buy Bull-Bond Adhesives from us, in all standard sizes.

Double End Tapes

When affixing odd-shaped objects to surfaces, or for decorative purposes; a Double End Tape can be quite handy. We stock Double End Tapes from Blue Bird in a variety of sizes. These tapes come with strong adhesives for a firm hold.

Dr. Fixit

Dr. Fixit is a brand that the construction industry swears by, due to the effective waterproofing capabilities of its products. We offer a range of Dr. Fixit products in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements. Buy Dr. Fixit today, to solve all your leakage and damp wall problems.


Metro Tubing provides the entire range of Falcofix synthetic adhesives that are great for gluing a variety of material like leather, wood, rubber and more. We provide Falcofix adhesives in all standard sizes. They are useful in automobile, air-conditioning, furniture, luggage and other industries.

Falcofix Ldd

Ideally suited for gluing together wood surfaces, or plywood to laminate, the Falcofix LDD is a Synthetic Adhesive Binder with good adhesion capabilities. We provide Falcofix LDD in all standard packaging and sizes.


For home, commercial, or craft applications; Fevibond is perfect. It is a synthetic rubber-based adhesive that is great for gluing together leather,rubber,rexine, canvas, cork, glass, ceramic and a variety of other material. Available in all standard sizes and packs, you can buy Fevibond from us now!


Fevicol, the leading adhesive brand in India, needs no introduction. We provide the entire range of Fevicol adhesives including MR, SH, and others for home and industrial use. Carpenters and craftsmen swear by the bonding capabilities of Fevicol.

Fevicol DDL

When giving homes or new construction a renewed look, lime plays an important role. Without a binder, lime can come loose and cause staining too. Use Fevicol DDL, a lime binder adhesive available with us, in a range of standard sizes and packaging.

Fevicol SR

Gluing and bonding together vertical surfaces, is quite difficult due to the problems of maintaining sustained pressure. Fevicol SR 998 solves this problem and is very popular for catalysing the process of making furniture. You can buy Fevicol SR from us in a variety of packs and sizes.


Famous for its near-instant gluing capabilities, Fevikwik is a household name today. It is a Cyanoacrylate adhesive that is great for wood, metal, leather, plastic and a variety of other material. You can buy Fevikwik in all standard packs and sizes from us.

Flex Kwik

Designed for a very specific application, Flex Kwik is great for quick and strong bonding of Flex material. You can buy Flex Kwik from us, in all standard sizes and packs.

Floor Tape

Floor Tape finds many uses in industrial and commercial applications. It can be used to mark out areas, create floor divisions, demarcate safe zones or danger areas, and much more. Available in an array of sizes and colours, you can buy Floor Tape from us, to suit your needs.


Wish all your plumbing worries a permanent goodbye with Holdtite – the perfect liquid sealant that is ideally suited for metal and galvanized iron pipes. You can buy Holdtite sealant in all standard sizes and packages from Metro Tubing.

Janta M-Seal

Janta Car Patch is a dual-compound filler, perfect for refinishing automotive components, as well as for filling of wooden and marble joints. This easy-to-use, quick drying, and easy to sand filler can be used for filling deeper dents too. We offer Janata Car Patch in all standard sizes.

3M Mirror Tape

You can use the 3M Scotch Mirror Tape to install mirrors in homes or in commercial spaces without having to drill and use screws. This humidity-resistant tape is dual-sided with a strong adhesive that keeps the mirror in place. We provide this easy to use tape in a variety of standard sizes. Buy 3M Scotch Mirror Tape today!

Min Cream

When it comes to polishing and shining wood, metal and plastic surfaces; there is nothing better than Min Cream. We provide Min Cream in an array of standard sizes and packs. You can use it on furniture, consumer goods, automobiles and more.


Polish your metals to a dazzling shine with Brasso. This metal polish allows you to easily remove tarnish from brass, copper, chrome and stainless steel. Brasso is available in all standard sizes and packs with us. Buy Brasso now!


Metro Tubing Company brings to you one of the best popular epoxy sealants that is a household name today – M-Seal. It can be used for sealing, joining, bonding, and building. You can buy M-Seal in different pack sizes from us.

M-Seal Super

M-Seal Super improves upon the original product by providing you with a ready to use product that does not need any mixing. You can directly use it in a variety of applications like sealing, joining, bonding and more. We provide M-Seal Super in all standards packs and sizes.

M-Seal Phata Phat

When something needs immediate repair and time is a luxury you can’t afford, the M-Seal Phata Phat epoxy resin adhesive comes to your rescue. This mouldable adhesive sets and dries quickly in 90 minutes. You can buy M-Seal Phata Phat in all standard packs from us.

M-Seal White

When you want to maintain the aesthetic appearance of a repaired material, while still ensuring a strong bond; M-Seal White is the perfect epoxy adhesive solution. You can buy M-Seal White in all standard sizes from us.

Pop Tape

The Pop Fiberglass Tape has distinct advantages over paper tape and is ideal for covering electrical wires due to the tape’s inherent high temperature resistance. You can buy Pop Fiberglass Tapes in a variety of sizes, from us.

PV Seal

When you want to stick together a variety of surfaces in a quick and easy way, PVC Solvent Cement is just the right adhesive tool. This effective and high-quality adhesive is available with us, for you to buy in a variety of standard packs.


Perfect for industrial, commercial, as well as home use, Rustolene is a trusted maintenance solution that has multiple applications. It can be used for rust removal, lubrication, decarbonising and cleaning. We stock Rustolene in all standard pack sizes.


Silicon Sealant is favoured when you need to fill cracks or gaps with a flexible adhesive. Silicon sealant stays flexible even after it dries and cures, and is easy to fill using a sealant gun. We provide Silicon from brands like Metro 555 in all standard sizes and packs.

Steelgrip Tape

You can buy Steelgrip Insulation Tapes in all sizes and colours from us. Steelgrip is a renowned name in the field of electrical insulation, and the tape integrates high insulation resistance, while also being weather and waterproof. It is a preferred product by electricians.


Thread Seal Tape or PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Tape is a PTFE film cut into required widths and used for sealing pipe threads to prevent leakage and create a snug fit. A favourite with plumbers, this tape is available with us, from reputed brands like Metro 555, Champion, Champion Gold, Mario Aluminium, M-Seal and more.

Self Adhesive Tapes

One of the most handy and frequently used tools in the packaging and logistics industry is the humble Self Adhesive Tape. We provide these Self Adhesive Tapes in different types and sizes from reputed brands like Vertex and many more.


If rusty parts and squeaky screws are giving you headaches, WD-40 is surely the solution. It helps remove rust, eliminates moisture, and cleans up sticky operating mechanisms. You can buy WD-40 in a variety of standard sizes from us.


Zorrik 88 is a preferred solution when it comes to performing cleaning and maintenance tasks, such as rust-removal, machine servicing, cleaning and much more. It is easy to use, non-messy and does not leave dirty stains. Available in all standard sizes, you can buy Zorrik 88 from us.

Wood Guard

No one wants their favourite furniture to be ruined by borers, termites or other pests. If you are looking to buy termite protection, choose Wood Guard available with us. This timber and plywood tonic is available in all standard sizes.